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Tile & Grout Cleaning - Sealing
Grout Coloring - Caulking

Does your grout look dingy or discolored?
Does your Tile need renewed?
NOW it is possible to bring back the original brilliance of your grout and tile!
We have the solution to all of your tile, natural stone and grout needs!

We sove these problems:
- Discolored Grout
- Missing Grout
- Mildew Growth
- Build up of dirt / wax
- Missing or Loose Caulk
We can also:

- Seal Grout
- Change or Renew Grout Color
- Recaulk


Helpful hints for maintaining your ceramic / porcelain tile, natural stone and grout:

- DO have grout and natural stone cleaned and sealed regulary
- DO blot up spills immediately
- DO squeegee tile walls after each use and towel dry if possible
- DO use cutting board on stone/tile tops
- DO routinely use a neutral Ph cleaner
- DON'T use tub/tile cleaner on natural stone
- DON'T use abrasive cleaners on natural stone
- DON'T use acid based cleaners
- DON'T use topical coatings or waxes
- DON'T mix cleaning chemicals as certain combinations can be toxic