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Stone Services:

Mr. Marble Care can provide maintenance/cleaning and restoration services for the following areas of Marble, Terrazzo and Granite:

- Floors
- Walls
- Steps
- Limestone
- Vanity Tops
- Back Splashes
- Partition Walls
- Corian Refinishing
- Statues
- Headstones
- Crypt Fronts
- Slate
- Antique Marble Tops
- Marble Dining Tables
- Onyx
- Stress Crack Repairs
We provide service to solve the following problems and more:
- Swirl marks from poor manufacturer polishing
- Poor installation corners up and down
- Lips at joint
- Scratches
- Loss of polish due to traffic
- Ground in dirt
- Sealer and wax build up or flaking
- Loss of polish from chemical etching, outdoor weathering/sun fading

This is not a chemical process or chemical coating, only natural, beautiful polishing. Maintenance can help marble floors resist years of scratching, scuffing and staining. The secret is Vitrification, the thermo chemical process trusted for more than two decades to preserve the worlds finest marble floors. This process brings back the natural, beautiful polish to your stone.